NEW Zycom Zipper Scooter Combo Hits the Market

The Zycom Zipper Scooter is an amazing little three wheeled scooter for children 3 years and up! Mom of two Amy and little Taylor were kind enough to share their thoughts with us on what makes the Zycom Zipper such a great choice for parents looking for a three wheeled scooter for their child.

Watch Amy and Taylor's Full Review

The Full Details

Featuring some fantastic safety features, functions and quality that you won't find on other similar products including:

  • Non-slip comfort grips
  • Three-stage height adjustable handlebar for growing kids that also can be removed for storage or transport
  • Fun and unique pivot steering system
  • Non-slip textured deck
  • Quick-stop safety brake
  • Awesome two-tone light-up Flip-it core wheels!
  • CPSC approved and rated adjustable helmet 

If you're looking for a great quality and affordable three wheeled scooter, you cannot go wrong with the Zycom Zipper Scooter from Madd Gear.

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Amy Jay

Special thank you to local mom Amy Jay and her daughter, Taylor for starring in our video! You can check out Amy's Instagram @gofastmommy


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