Everything You Need to Know About Trampoline Scooters

The Madd Gear Bounce Trampoline Scooter is the newest addition to Madd's catalog. Not familiar with a trampoline scooter? Here is everything you need to know: 

What is a trampoline scooter?

A trampoline scooter is a scooter that you can use on a trampoline! Duh! Trampoline scooters are specifically made to practice tricks BEFORE hitting the skatepark. Typically trampoline scooters have normal pro scooter handle bars, a foam (or soft material) deck, and no wheels. It is a one-of-a-kind product made for the development of a scooter rider's skills.. or just to have some fun 😁 Check out the video below if you need a visual reference. 

Where can you use a trampoline scooter? 

The perfect place to use a trampoline scooter is at home! No need for a trip to the skatepark to get your practice in. A backyard trampoline is best but you also can practice indoors on a personal trampoline like THIS. The last option you have is to take your trampoline scooter to an indoor park that has trampolines. For example, KTR Indoor Action Sports Playground has a trampoline section that you can practice on. Remember before you go to a public park that you call the business and make sure that it is okay to bring the trampoline scooter. 

Who uses a trampoline scooter? 

Any beginner to intermediate rider can use a trampoline scooter. Kids and teens who like Park style riding use trampoline scooters to practice new tricks in a safe environment before taking it to the skatepark. Park style riding is hitting the bowl and doing big tricks such as flips while Street style riding focus on rail tricks. To learn more about Park versus Street riding, take a look at this blog post from Riding Boards.

Even if you are not an avid scooter rider, anyone can have fun with a trampoline scooter. See two of our team riders play a game with a trampoline scooter in the video below! 

What is the best trampoline scooter? 

Our pick for a trampoline scooter would be the  Madd Gear Bounce Trampoline Scooter. New in 2023, Madd has brought its industry leading standards to this product. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Total scooter height = 32.5"
  • 6" wide x 22.5" long foam padded deck
  • IHC compression and real Madd headtube
  • 22" wide x 25.5" tall Pro T-bar handlebar 
  • Patented headtube deck clamping system for durability 

Price: On sale for $99.99

The Madd Gear Bounce Trampoline Scooter is one of the only trampoline scooters on the market where you can you replace the bars with your own bars from your normal scooter. It is also the only trampoline scooter tested by four-time scooter riding World Champion, Jordan Clark

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